Hi! I’m Katie, and I make cool stuff with leather.

Katie Hill & Deseada FL

Photo by Cheyenne Vlottes Fotografie

As a lifelong equestrian, I began on my journey to become a saddler over a decade ago and a continent away. Originally from Oregon, I studied with saddler Hans Biglajzer with a focus on saddle making and repairs beginning in about 2009. I operated a small saddlery repair shop and retail store in Oregon for a time, but after a life-changing move to the Netherlands in 2012 I mostly gave up on my leatherwork due to lack of time and space.

With my kids (mostly) grown and being fortunate enough to be able to convert small space in our garage into a shop, I jumped back into the leather working world with both feet in early 2023. Along the way, I’ve discovered my real passion is designing and crafting strap goods.  I utilise the traditional skills that I learned over a decade ago during my saddle making training to create heirloom quality pieces.  Whether it be a fine leather halter or a dog collar, each item is completely handmade – from the first cut of the leather to hand stitching each and every strap. 

In my freetime, my friend Silke Wiersma  and I work together in our joint equine training and sales business Outlander Equestrian. I live in Haarlem with my husband and two teenagers, and I enjoy spending my free time out on the trails with our fabulous Pura Raza Española mares.

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